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Sunflower Tapestry Description Our Sunflower Tapestry is a top seller at Tapestry Girls! The unique sunflower design paired against its white background and vibrant yellow petals make it a tapestry staple! This tapestry can be used in any room, and against any wall color. Don't overpay for this tapestry! Get the Sunflower Tapestry EXCLUSIVELY at Tapestry Girls! Certified Tapestry Girls Design 100% Cotton Wall Hanging Decoration Available Sizes: 51" x 59", 59" x 59", 59" x 80" Stitched by professionals Produced by Tapestry Girls Artists CARE GUIDE: Hand or machine wash under gentle cycle. Please use mild detergent with cold water. Check out our other top selling sunflower tapestry, and the matching pillow that goes with it!