DIY wire bouquet - weekend crafts - forever flowers - wire flowers - easy crafts for adults

Available to order. Bouquet of 4 flowers. Very beautiful flowers to lay in a vase. Small wink in your interior decoration or on your table, chic and vintage effect assured. - Poppy, Lys, Flowers of the Fields, Brindille - Lot of 4 flowers and twigs. - The size is about 50 cm high. - ( If you want a longer or smaller rod thank you for telling me at the command) - It's black recuit wire. Remember that this is a handcrafted manufacture and not an industrial one and therefore each piece is unique. Attention my creations are in real French recuit wire, which I treat rust-proof so that it crosses time without changing and without rusting, the raw wire is a material much more noble and much more complicated to work than a creation in thread aluminium iron. And especially with the recuit wire you will have a much more interesting rendering and a very solid creation with a matte rendering. I don't use any template to make my creations. It's all handmade. There may be a variation in the shapes, but this is still minimal. Don't forget that this is a handcrafted craft and therefore each piece is unique. The wire is a wire without treatment. It's dull. It tends to skate over time. The recuit yarn is the most beautiful for making poetic creations. If you like vintage, aged or patinated objects, this type of object is for you. If you also have any specific requests contact me and I'll see if it's feasible or not. Any reproduction prohibited without the author's permission, my creations are protected by the L111-1 law of the intellectual and artistic property code.