Bronx Crank Table Aged Yellow With Walnut Top – Model #BX36 – Vintage Industrial Furniture

Model #BX36 This custom color Bronx was aged burnt yellow for a client in Canada. The color is similar to construction yellow, something you'd see in an industrial setting. The walnut top has a natural finish and which shows the sapwood boards well. We also added our metal top trim with bolted corners. This helps tie the top in with the base design wise, and protects the wood edge from impacts. Like all of our crank tables, this one adjusts in height from 30 to 42 making it great for a sit stand desk, or a dining table that will meet dining, ADA, counter, and bar heights. The crank function makes this table very versatile. Other details include dual chrome crank handles, a stainless steel driveshaft, 200+ rivets, a modular design allowing the base to be disassembled into small parts for moving, and our brass tag displaying our company info. Beware of counterfeit tables claiming to be made by our company, or that look similar. If they don't have the brass tag with our company name on it, it's not the real deal. China and India our making counterfeit products claiming to be ours, and the quality is substandard as the mechanisms, finish, and wood often fail quickly. Contact us for more info on this product