Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Stylish Southern Mamas - Southernliving Ask for a more blunt cut because that’ll make your ends look naturally thicker, which is the best trick for thinner hair. A blunt long bob is fresh, easy to style, and looks very stylish.

There comes a time when functionality and practicality start to slowly creep up on us as a main determining factor of our beauty routine choices. As our lives keep picking up speed, our time is just too precious to waste on extreme frivolities. Being a mom is a complete and utter race to the finish. So, when it comes to our hair? We just don’t feel like having to work at it when there are more important things to get done. But, as true Southern ladies, we want to look our best. What we want—no, what we need—is a low maintenance haircut that doesn’t require much styling, upkeep, and time. Enter versatile hairstyles that work for everyone. No, not some boring, depressing cuts that make us feel less than confident. On the contrary, there are haircuts that suit every hair type in ways that make them stylish, functional, and just easier! Here are some cuts that ain’t your classic cut, but will definitely do the trick.